Bassist forlater HATE ETERNAL

Bassist forlater HATE ETERNAL

HATE ETERNAL – Bass player leaves, Alex Webster steps in!

Former HATE ETERNAL bassist Randy Piro has released the following statement regarding his departure from the group:
"From the deepest pits of my heart I thank Erik Rutan, Derek Roddy, Jared Anderson (may he rest in peace), and everyone in the HATE ETERNAL family for believing in my abilities, and bestowing upon me the honor of playing in one of the most extreme bands the world has ever heard."

"HATE ETERNAL has played a massive role in my life, and I will always look upon my time spent jamming with Erik and Derek with warm emotions. I wish Erik Rutan and the band the world and its spoils, for the HATE truly is ETERNAL…"

Webster_1.jpgIt has now been officially confirmed that CANNIBAL CORPSE's Alex Webster will play bass on HATE ETERNAL's new album which is set to be released in fall 2007! Webster about the collaboration: "I am very excited to be participating in the recording of HATE ETERNAL's next album," Webster says in a statement. "Erik [Rutan, HATE ETERNAL leader] is an amazing guitarist and songwriter, and one of my best friends. As bassist for the new album, I will do my best to make the strongest contribution possible to a band that has already proven itself to be at the highest level of brutality and musicianship."

Webster and Rutan have had a close working relationship prior to collaborating on HATE ETERNAL's new album. Rutan produced CANNIBAL CORPSE's latest CD, "Kill" (2006).

"This record needs and deserves the best, and I think Alex is the best bass player I know," Rutan says in a statement. "He is one of my best friends and I know that Jared [Anderson] would be proud to have Alex be a part of HATE ETERNAL history. He was my first bass player in HATE ETERNAL when I started and am proud to have him back as a part of it."