IMPIOUS – Metal is definitely a kind of lifestyle.

IMPIOUS – Metal is definitely a kind of lifestyle.

Brautende Metal servert med en dose Dan Brown fiksjon, er hva Impious har å tilby massene i deres siste plate Holy Murder Masquerade. Uansett hvor blodig, hardtslående og rakrygget musikken er, synes det alltid å forbløffe meg hvor vennlige musikerne bak kreasjonen er når masken har falt, og når menneske som påkaller seg en storhet blir slått ut av noe så lite som en basille og blir stående overfor sannhetens øyeblikk, hvordan det krymper til en våt ball av støv og skitt. Det er da det føles godt å klemme gørra ut av dagen før sola har gått ned. Valle Adzic holder helvetes hunder unna livet som gitar spiller i Impious, og har dette å si om livet.

Eternal Terror – Hi Valle, how are you doing?
V – Had the flu and was deadly sick for over a week, but now I'm fine. Hope all is well with you too.

Eternal Terror -I'm fine thanks. How would you characterize the type of music that you create?
V – I would describe our music as furious tank of Doom, but shooting out beer cans instead of missiles… ha-ha.

Impious_2.jpgEternal Terror – Do you think that the style of the music you create in general has changed or evolved over time?
V – For sure. In the early days we were kind of too green if you ask me. Nowadays we've learned to write songs without needing to use 20 different riffs per songs. So I would say the most obvious change is our ability to arrange songs.

Eternal Terror – Do you think that the sound and style of the type of music you perform express your personal beliefs and identity?
V – It definitely shows what we like. You know, when we write songs we don't think so much about what kind of music style a riff belongs to, if we like it we'll definitely use it. But by the end of the day, I must say that we don't have any real message to our listeners. We're doing this because we enjoy to travel the world and play live. We're definitely not political or whatever.

Eternal Terror – Do you think that the lyrics in this music are reflective of your personal beliefs? Why or why not?
V – The lyrics on our last album are purely fictional.

Eternal Terror – Do you believe that the lyrics of your music serve a particular function?
V – Well, I think the lyrics need to be brutal to fit the music. You can't really sing about flowers and love when playing this kind of music. At least we can't.

Eternal Terror – What first attracted you to the music scene? What captured and held your interest?
V – It was simply the music itself. Metal is very addictive you know… ha-ha! Also the creative part was very important. To write a song, and see it come to life is pretty cool. I think it's very important for one's mind to be creative.

Eternal Terror – Because the type of music you perform is quite underground, it is difficult to market it and for a band to come widely known and respected. What was it like to establish a name for yourselves?
V – We're pretty small compared to the big masses, but nevertheless we have fun and that's what it's all about. We travel the world and we get to meet cool people and make new friends. As long as we get that, we won't complain.

Impious_3.jpgEternal Terror – Please describe your experience of the Metal scene. What has it been like to perform, both when you first began and at present? How has the scene changed?
V – The scene has definitely become more mainstream in general. But it definitely shifts from town to town and from country to country when it comes to shows. Some are better than other.

Eternal Terror – What are the factors that you like most about the Metal scene?
V – Metal fans are pretty loyal compared to people who listen to «radio music». I like that.

Eternal Terror – What are the factors that you dislike most or would like to see changed?
V – I wish fans and media wouldn't put so much time and energy into putting each band into a category.

Eternal Terror – What do you think of the «Satanism» that is often attributed to the metal scene?
V – I'm basically against any kind of religion. But hey, people are free to believe in whatever they want. But I think that it's stupid to think a band is into worshipping the devil just because they play brutal music.

Eternal Terror – What sorts of personalities do you encounter most at shows? What are the positive trends and the negative trends that you have noticed?
V – We love meeting people after shows. Most are extremely friendly and that's always nice. But of course once in a while you get stuck with an idiot and then I just try ignoring him or her. Mostly that happens when too much alcohol is involved, if you know what I mean.

Eternal Terror – Is there a «metal philosophy»? If you think so, how would you describe it?
V – Metal is definitely a kind of lifestyle. Or a subculture if you like. But I wouldn't say there are a special philosophy. At least I don't live by such a philosophy.

Eternal Terror – Do you have a personal philosophy? How would you describe it?
V: Yeah, treat others as you'd like to be treated. I also believe in the free and creative mind. I don't like the idea of a religion telling you what to do.

Eternal Terror – Is there a relationship between the Metal scene and society as a whole? How would you describe that relationship? Hostile? Friendly? Indifferent?
V – All I can say is that the metal scene has got more and more accepted, and that's pretty cool. I mean, seeing Metallica and Iron Maiden selling out a stadium for 55.000 people in Gothenburg was quite amazing to see.

Eternal Terror – What do you think makes your band's music something unique?
V – It's not unique, but it's very good.

Impious_holy.jpgEternal Terror – What is your perception of the current political battles over «violent» entertainment forms or films, music etc., which are believed to promote violent behaviour?
V – I don't believe in that shit. If a person behaves violent after listening to a metal record, well, then he was nuts before listening to that record. The same goes for violent movies, games or whatever.

Eternal Terror – Would you want Metal to go mainstream so it would be more prevalent and easier to access? Why or why not?
V – Sure, why not, More metal to the masses!

Eternal Terror – Thank you so much for participating in this interview. Please add any additional comments, reflections, or impressions that you might have.
V – Thanx a lot for this fun interview. Take care and have fun! Cheers!!

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