OLAF ZISSEL – … but I don’t row very far away

OLAF ZISSEL – … but I don’t row very far away

Olaf, bare navnet får folk til å trekke på smilebåndet. Tankene går kanskje til herr Sand fra The Julekalender, men det er ikke han det gjelder her og nå. Denne Olaf er trommeslager i et ikke ukjent tysk thrash metal band som i sine oppstartsdager oppfant noe de på spøk kalte ”Alcoholic Metal”. Denne sjangerbeskrivelsen har fulgt bandet siden dengang og de feirer snart sine 25 første år som band. Olaf Zissel er Tankards tredje trommis og han tok over etter Arnulf Tunn på midten av 90 tallet og har siden stått for rytmeseksjonen i dette øltørste bandet. Tankard og Olaf gjestet Norge for første gang for litt siden men dessverre fikk jeg ikke tatt en prat med Olaf der og da. Derfor ble dette intervjuet besvart pr e-mail.

ET – When did you start to play the drums?
OLAF – I started playing drums at the age of 12 in 1980

Tankard-Olaf-1.jpgET – Why did you start playing drums?
OLAF – Friends in the neighbourhood asked me to join their Band and ‘cause couldn’t find a drummer so they asked me to do it. They told me that girls like musicians and so I did it.

ET – How old were you when you got your first drums/drum set?
OLAF – It was at the age of 14 or 15, I don’t remember exactly.

ET – How often do you practice?
OLAF – If we have a new record on the schedule it’s a little more than a few hours a week but my back hurts if I sit on the drum chair for to many hours in a roll.

ET – Which drummer did you look up to when you were young and is there anyone today that you admire more than the rest?
OLAF – As I started to play drums I was a big Kiss fan and I played to all of their records on the headphone. Some people say that this was a bad influence for me ‘cause of my minimalistic drumming. (or was it the Ramones?)

Tankard-Olaf-2.jpgET – What kind of equipment do you use? Which equipment is in your ears the best?
OLAF – Since 1994 I use a Sonor F3000 kit which is quiet not the best but it’s OK for travelling a lot and I got it for free. Maybe DW would sound much better but I don’t see the need to get a new kit as long as the old is still working.

ET – Which qualities do you think is most important to succeed as a drummer today?
OLAF – Always be open to new things and sounds and don’t take yourself too serious. Unfortunately I’m not so openminded but in consequence to that fact I’m also not sooo successful.

ET – Have you ever played a solo during a gig?
OLAF – No!!

ET – If you haven’t become a drummer, what would you most likely been doing?
OLAF – Travelling the world by motorcycle must be a good alternative to playing drums.

Tankard-Olaf-3.jpgET – Do you workout a lot?
OLAF – I have a rowing machine but I’m not very strictly in working out often. About one or two days a week is normal for me but I don’t row very far away.

ET – Do you have any special rituals you have to go through before you enter the stage?
OLAF – I change my clothes very early before show time but that’s not a ritual.

ET – Which releases have you been a part of so far? (Band name, title, release year)
Killrays : “Killrays”(1993)
Killrays : “Space Gigant”(1995)
Tankard : “The Tankard(1995)
Tankard : “Disco Destroyer”(1998)
Tankard : “Kings of Beer”(2000)
Tankard : “B-Day”(2002)
Tankard : “Beast of Bourbon”(2004)
Tankard : “The Beauty and the Beer”(2006)
Tankard : “Schwarz- Weiss wie Schnee”(2006)
Tankwart :“Aufgetankt“(1994)
Tankwart :“Himbeergeist zum Frühstück“(1996)

ET – Before we end this, you now have the opportunity to challenge another drummer to take part in this series. Pick a drummer and explain why?
OLAF – I recommend Gerd Lücking to you. He is the only drummer I know, who played in 8 different Bands simultaneous. Actually he’s playing drums in Rebellion.

Der forlater vi Olaf og kontakt med hans etterfølger Gerd Lücking er allerede oppnådd. The Blast Beast series lives on.