World domination�No limitations�Kill all non-believers!!!
Av Ruben

BLOODAXE er ute med ny skive i disse dager og en prat med Nordavinden m�tte nesten gj�res for � finne litt mer ut av hva han synes om ting og tang�. Mannen har sterke meninger og er ikke redd for � skjule dem, s� god forn�yelse!

ET: First of all, and I`m sure this is boring for you, but please give us the Bloodaxe History!
N: ZZZZZZZZZzzz. I came up with the idea when I was drinking with a friend one day, I think sometime in 98 or 99. I wanted to start a band based around my Norwegian heritage instead of the same old satanic shit. I knew I would have to do most instruments myself, so I bought a bass and learnt that and tried my hand at �singing�. I never wanted to use a drum machine so I started to look for drummers. The 1st drummer I had never worked out because of the distance between us (over 1000 km) so I contacted Rati who was a member of a previous project I had been in. Bloodaxe was officially formed on May 17 th and 3 weeks later we recorded the demo �In Battle� and then 7 months later we recorded the full length �Bloodthrone�. Then in February 2002 I recorded the guitar tracks for the �Raping the Ancient� album. And as you know a lot of shit happened to delay this release, but this is where we are now. No touring has taken place, although when live musicians are found and my violent criminal record is pardoned I would like to start LIVE RAIDS worldwide..starting at your house!!

ET: You have just released your second album called �Raping The Ancient�, how do you feel about it now?
N: It�s a fucking relief that it�s finally out. I am not happy with the session drums, or with the production or mix�BUT the music and vokills are the best I have ever done. My real voice has come out and I�m quite comfortable with it now, it�s taken along time to get use to. I know you thought maybe there were some effects on it, but no, that�s my natural voice. It�s a progression from the last album for sure, and really that�s all that matters.

ET: It is two years since you recorded the album and I know you have recorded some guitars for the next one, when do you think it will be finished and how will it be different from �Raping The Ancient?
N: It will be finished when it�s done. It�s entitled �For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down�. It will take you from behind�..just the way you like it!!!! It will be more extreme then Bloodthrone and Raping The Ancient put together, try not to cry!!

ET: How has the response been on both your first album �Bloodthrone� and your latest achievement, �Raping The Ancient�?
N: It seems both releases are too extreme for most�little fucking pussies!! The true fans of the Extreme are out there..they are small in numbers but they are the ones that RULE!! I still cannot get the proper distribution seems you really have to sell out or become a bitch to the industry to get your releases out there. Bloodaxe is fucking underground�a bit too much sometimes!! The Bloodthrone release has been sold out for sometime now, it might be re released as a digi pack or limited vinyl.

ET: On your last album you had some acoustic guitars, this time you do not, why did you choose to leave it?
N: After I finished recording the electric tracks I almost completely cut off my right index finger. I had to have reconstructive surgery to reattach the nerves, I couldn�t move it for over 1 year. It�s now over 2 years and I�m just getting some feeling back. I had 3 great acoustic tracks I was going to use, and they will appear on the new release.

ET: When you formed Bloodaxe, what was the idea behind the forming of the band?
N: World domination�No limitations�Kill all non-believers!!!

ET: What are the ideas and thoughts behind your lyrics?
N: Raping, beating, torture and killing�the FUN things in life!!

ET: The drummer of the band, Rati is out, how did that happen and have you replaced him?
N: He lost interest in Metal. It�s very obvious his playing on this last release is uninspired. His playing on Bloodthrone was fucking supreme, but after that session he really lost his mind. He tried to put his girlfriend into an oven, he attacked a man with a baseball bat..fucking went to another planet. I hear he lives in a trailer in the woods now. New Blood should be announced soon.

ET: What do you think of the new black metal acts all over the world that try to sound like the old ones like, Burzum, Darkthrone, Mayhem etc.? And what do you think of the �scene� as it appears today?
N: They should be shot and pissed on. The thing that pisses me off the most is a lot of reviewers have said that Bloodaxe is like the old Norwegian Black Metal. Most of them listen with their asses. The only similarity is that right now I can�t afford the money for good production, but musically it�s not close, listen to the bottom end�it throbs. I get kids writing me all the time saying �my band is just like old Darkthrone�. FUCK can�t YOU create something new or original..I don�t want to hear the original Darkthrone, never mind some fucking 2nd rate wannabe. If Fenris wasn�t such a little bitch, he would kick your asses!!
The �SCENE� ..Well in Canada it�s shit. Shit bands that think they are Black Metal like Asses of Advance (Axis of Advance) and Woods of Hippies (Woods of Ypres)that whore themselves like it�s a fucking popularity contest. Some people here think you are Black Metal if someone in your band is actually BLACK!!!!! (Blasphemy) FUCK there is now Black Metal bands from fucking Israel�JEWISH BLACK METAL??�Bloodaxe is THE MOST Black Metal band around here, but we will not be known as that. Bloodaxe is not part of any fucking scene. The majority of writers for the Metal magazines here have the attitude of �give me a free t � shirt and I will give you a good review, Give me a free HOODIE and I will give you a great review�. Give ME the opportunity to get within 1 meter of you and I will fuck you up fat boy!!! Black Metal..or the remnants of it has gone VERY fucking deep�s festering in bile�where it belongs!!!

ET: Have you done any live shows with Bloodaxe and can we expect to see you on stage in the future? How about doing a show in Norway?
N: Yes we just did a tour with Bryan Adams and Celine Dion!! Haha .. Celine Dion is SO BLACK METAL..she loves it rough!! She reminds me of MORTIIS!!! No, seriously I would like to play in MOLDE�SO many Christians!! I will see you at Inferno sooner then later boy!! I have problems with travel now since September 11th..I was In Berk�k that day and had to fly back to Canada the next week. The security and checks have been so tight, that I know I can�t get entry now until I get proper papers to Pardon my criminal record. This process is almost complete �1 more year at the most!!! Then I will be at your house drinking your BEER!!!

ET: What bands do you listen to nowadays and which bands have inspired you?
N: I listen to G�te, Black Debbath, Bolt Thrower, Gospel of the Horns, no bands ever inspired me, I admire Immortal and Emperor for quitting when they should have�Maybe Satyricon will get the hint?????

ET: That`s it for now, use the space you feel for to say some last words to our readers!
N: I would like to say a special fuck off to the bald headed Down syndrome bass player from the shit band Asses of Advance. You are so �TROOO� it makes me blush!!! Also to the fucking JEW that ripped us off from the shit magazine ANCIENT CEREMONIES!!! We have been waiting over 1 year now �Soon I will fly to your shit hole country and beat the fucking shit out of you, then I will cut off your fucking arms and legs, then pour gas on you and light the fucking match, then piss all over your dirty little brown body!! Now finish your herring and cheese, get the new Bloodaxe cd and maybe ..just maybe..Ruben ..I will let you do a scream on the next album. Don�t fuck the reindeer and beat the fuck out of ALL German Tourists!!!