Pr�ver igjen…..
Av Rune

Amerikanske WYNJARA ga for 4 �r siden ut sin selvtitulerte debutskive, og siden har det v�rt stille rundt prosjektet. N� er bandet imidlertid tilbake med et nytt album og ny giv, og i den forbindelse sendte vi noen sp�rsm�l over dammen for � h�re hva bandets nyeste medlem har � si.

ET – First of all let me congratulate you with a great album in Human Plague.
Brooks: Thanks. We are very excited about the release. So far, the reception has been good overseas. The album just came out in the states & it seems to be generating positive feedback here as well.

ET – There has been 4 years since the debut. Why so long time before the following up came out?
Brooks: Jason & JP have been very busy with their other projects & Wynjara was actually released from NAP at one point. When there was enough new material for an album it was sent to Tomas & we re-signed for "Human Plague". No one involved wanted to lose quality for the sake of quantity.

ET – It says in the booklet, that Wynjara has a complete line up now. Does this mean that there is a possibility to see Wynjara live, even in Norway?
Brooks: We are still working on the line up. We have been in contact with a few drummers & that�s really all that�s left. We would love to tour especially overseas because we feel these songs would be great live. It�s just a matter of getting everyone on the same page. If a tour arises & it was the right situation for Wynjara & NAP, then yes, we would love to do it. Any drummers listening contact us A.S.A.P.

ET – The album is recorded in the states, but mastered by Tom Kv�lsvoll at Strype Audio here in Norway.
Brooks: Jason did all production on the album at our studio, Hazel�s Ranch, in Tennessee. It makes it so much easier that way & gives us total control over that aspect of the album. Tomas handled the mastering & we are pleased with the end result. Tom Kv�lsvoll & Strype Audio did a great job & we were grateful to have the opportunity to work with them.

ET – How did you end up on Samoth�s label Nocturnal Art, and is the cooperation working fine for you?
Brooks: Jason & JP started Wynjara in 1995 while Jason was with Monstrosity & JP was in Paingod. Jason would travel down to Boca Raton & jam with JP & Mike when he had the time. They got some material together & while JP was on tour Samoth got a chance to hear the demo. He signed them & released "Wynjara" on NAP in 2000. As far as the relationship with NAP, it has been good. The first album was not released in the US so that hurt the exposure. It seemed that everyone who heard it was left with a desire for more, but with no tours & no assurance of releasing another album, Wynjara once again found itself on the back burner. This time "Human Plague" will be released to a much broader audience & hopefully will be welcomed.

ET – Brooks Rose on vocals. You have to tell us a little bit about him.
Brooks: I�m the new guy no one has heard of. Everyone thinks I do all the vocals but JP did the majority. I have a different style so I think JP & I sound good together. If we play live, I will do more, but I came in late on the project so I was limited on what I did. Hopefully there will be a third album & I can do more.

ET – You have some orchestral arrangements in your music. Is this very important to you?
Brooks: Jason is a master of instrumentals. It adds the emotion that lacks in an album dominated by heavy vocals. It sets the mood & helps the flow of the album.

ET – How did the fans and press response to your debut album? And what do you think of that album yourself today?
Brooks: Due to limited release & most of the correspondence being foreign we never really knew how it did.

ET – You or NAP are using the ex-Malevolent Creation in the promotion. Is this necessary, cuz I feel that Wynjara really don�t need to do this to promote the record and band.
Brooks: That�s not our decision. I hope no one would like or dislike the album based on who someone has played for.

ET – What does Wynjara have that make the band special?
Brooks: We�ll leave that to our listeners. They can take what they want from the album & judge us accordingly.

ET – How did you come up with the name Wynjara and what does the name mean?
Brooks: JP & Jason have friends from Australia & they told them the word. It means Spirit.

ET – That�s what I have�..if you have anything else, now is the time�..
Brooks: Thanks for the interview. Thanks to Tomas, Ann, & Paula