Intervju med Eric Kuhnen
Av Rune

Rune tok seg en prat med Eric Kuhnen fra Doomstone i forbindelse med slipp av deres nye skive Disharmonic.

ET – First of all let me congratulate you with a great album.
EK – Thank you very much, we hope the people like our work , cause we put much energy and work into this album.

ET – When I first heard Disharmonic, I wasn't sure what I thought of it. But after a week of listening, I found out that I really liked it a lot. Are you happy with the album yourselves?
EK – We are very proud of it. We wanted to make an album which you like to hear after several times , so you can find after every listenings little differences and new stuff. There are many Bands which make music you can sing a long after you hear it the second time, but when you hear it ten times the magic is away and you can�t find new stuff. We know, if you hear Disharmonic the first time you will have some problems. Thats the way we like it, hehe.

ET – How has the album been received?
EK – In the Underground Disharmonic gets really great reviews , cause these people are busy to hear music and they like new stuff and are open minded, so they like that we aren�t boring like much big bands. In the mainstream zines we have also good reviews and also average reviews , they only hear music when they are working or doing other things , so if it is not directly in their ear the album is not the next big thing. They aren�t occupied the underground .

ET – You mix different elements into your death/thrash metal, and it sounds rather technical I think.
EK – Yes, technic is some trademark of us. The guitarists and drummer work really hard on their instruments and our influences are Death , Carcass , Testament , Freak Kitchen , Darkane… so rather bands, which knew what their doing on their instruments. But we also wanted to have melodies and thrashing fucking headbanging parts .

ET – Not exactly easy listening music. It needs some time before you get the hang of it. And that is a good sign of a good album, don't you think?
EK – Sure , thats what I wanted to say , it is really no easy listening but if you hear it in two years you can discover new little stuff. I also like Death�s Sound of perseverance but if I hear Hammerfall I�m getting really bored.

ET – I haven't had the pleasure to listen to your debut album. Is the same style as Disharmonic?
EK – Not really , there are some straighter songs and they sound like demo songs , for us it is not comparable with Disharmonic , but some songs shows the beginning of our style , it is very old school .

ET – The productions on Disharmonic is very good, so we can say that J�rg Uken has done a great job.
EK – Really great job has he done . J�rg is a really kind man , who supports us very good and he had some great ideas . At every time he was relaxed and was very professionel and his studio is on the top of studios. He has the same recording stuff like Andy Sneap.

ET – And the mastering was done in the Morrisound Studio. Any reason for this?
EK – This idea came from J�rg Uken . At his time with Rumble Militia he has his connections to the studio. After it was sure that we make the Mastering in the Morrisound , we�ve made a big party. For us it was like a dream, our music in the same studio, where Bands like Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel , Obituary … have record their music , yeeeeees !!

ET – I have been sitting here trying to figure out what the heck is this (picture on cover). Can you please tell me?…heheheh
EK – We don�t know, the picture was made by a designer of the label and we have said him, that we don�t want a typical Death Metal Cover ( Blood , Gore , Skeletons or dismembered people ) . We wanted some abstraction and we�ve told him the name of the album ( Disharmonic ) . After several weeks he send me the cover and he never gave a comment to this picture. I thought about a muscle or a heart.

ET – Doomstone has signed to a rather small and unknown label, Source Of Deluge. Is it a good label to be on for Doomstone?
EK – Sure , we are content and they make a good job. And the biggest advantage is , that they never say what we have to do in our music. We can work absolutly independent. Not like in a big Label, where they say the songs must be more commercial or something.

ET – What is Doomstone like on stage?
EK – We wanted to produce the music exactly and tight on stage. The perfomance is important, people pay to see us on stage so we wanted to gave them the best we can. The people should bang and have a great time with us. Since today , nobody was disapointed. If people see us the first time , it is like with the album : )
Some people came to us and say : " What have you done there , you are sick freaks , hehe !"

ET – What's next for Doomstone? (new record, live, ect)
EK – We hope to play some gigs in autumn and winter (switzerland , germany, belgium are planed ) and then we will write new sick stuff , with everything against easy listening, hehe. No no , I�m joking. But on the next album we wanted to get tighter and getting on a next level.

ET – Promote Doomstone for the Norwegian readers?
EK – If you are interested in handmade music and metal and if you occupied in complexe structures , just get in the disharmonic world and buy the album. Hope to show you live in Norway .

ET – That's what I had�..anything else you wanna add?
EK – It was a pleasure and a honour for me to make an interview with you and see that the Underground is alive . Visit the homepage .
Stay doomstoned !

ET – Well�thanx for your time and good luck in the future.
EK – Wish you also good luck for the future.