Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Records, 2021)

Karakter: 4.5/6

houstoniv.jpgThe Swedish outfit known as Houston was an entirely new discovery for me but a most pleasant one as this deftly executed slab of melodic hard rock with prominent AOR overtones to it is an uplifting and memorable experience. Although the second half is slightly better than the first and that things do not start to feel truly passionate and heartfelt until three songs in, this is generally a strong album containing hooks and earworms aplenty.
Whether it is the crisp yet warm sound and the fact that it is not over-produced or the way in which the sparkling synthesizers complement the vocals and crunchy riffs, there is just something special about "IV" that brilliantly captures an authentic 80s vibe. You can even hum the guitar solos and also dance to them should you fancy doing that. Yeah, this is a dynamic offering boasting some gloriously catchy tunes and I would love to see these guys perform live someday. This stuff is neither original nor innovative but that is hardly the band's intention anyway and all you wonderful fans of Survivor, Foreigner, and Journey out there really ought to check "IV" out as soon as humanly possible.


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29.11.2021: LAURA SHENTON - Jethro Tull Minstrel In The Gallery: In-depth
27.11.2021: MEMORIA AVENUE - Memoria Avenue
26.11.2021: BLOOD RED THRONE - Imperial Congregation
25.11.2021: BONDED - Into Blackness
24.11.2021: MASSACRE - Resurgence
23.11.2021: KNIGHTS OF THE REALM - Knights of the Realm
22.11.2021: DEVOID - Lonely Eye Movement
20.11.2021: GROUNDBREAKER - Soul To Soul
19.11.2021: LIVLØS - And Then There Were None
18.11.2021: SWALLOW THE SUN - Moonflowers
17.11.2021: LORDS OF BLACK - Alchemy of Souls Part II
16.11.2021: HOUSTON - IV
15.11.2021: RICHARD BALLS - A Furious Devotion: The Authorised Story of Shane MacGowan
12.11.2021: DEEP PURPLE - Turning to Crime
11.11.2021: THE GRANDMASTER - Skywards
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05.11.2021: OMNIUM GATHERUM - Origin