The Unknown

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Records, 2021)

Karakter: 4.5/6

EDGE OF PARADISE album cover.jpgI quite liked this US group's previous output and so naturally, I was looking forward to this follow-up record of theirs, the 10-track offering named "The Unknown". Edge of Paradise dabble in something akin to modern-sounding melodic metal with symphonic and gothic overtones to it, and the cool thing about this 2021 opus of theirs is that it is actually more accessible, varied, and memorable than its predecessor.

The sound is relatively cold, hard, and even punishing and industrial-tinged on a handful of occasions, but this is first and foremost simply just an enjoyable slab of bombastic metal with a current sheen to it and huge choruses that are easy on the ear and catchy as hell. There is a great and clever use of synthesizers and some very cool nuances throughout, and Margarita Monet's vocals are strong and effective too. To these ears, the band's finest compositions to date are without doubt the flawless "Bound to the Rhythm" and the title track with their epic flourishes and blaze of metal pyrotechnics. Both are emotionally charged cocktails and excellent displays of what Edge of Paradise have to offer. There is a bonus track included on the CD version too, more specifically an industrial remix of "My Method Your Madness", but it is bollocks and sounds roughly as thin as paper. Stick to the proper album tracks instead.

Professional, sharp-sounding, and melancholic stuff with some explosive parts to it and my personal favorite by the band so far. Well worth seeking out if this particular brand of metal appeals to you in general.


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