Eye for an Eye

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Fastball Music, 2021)

Karakter: 4/6

UNFORGED album cover.jpgThe German outfit Unforged dabbles in something akin to a mixture of modern thrash metal and groove metal that recalls such acts as Pantera, Pissing Razors, Machine Head, and Trivium, and "Eye for an Eye", which sports a pretty cool album cover, is the group's first full-length assault.

With an abundance of punchy riffs, crushing breakdowns, aggressive vocals, and a pounding rhythm section, these guys tear through their eight compositions presented here with a sense of purpose, conviction, and energy. There is nothing new to what they are doing, and they are not exactly reinventing the heavy metal wheel here, but the record possesses drive and determination. On top of that, Unforged are clearly also endowed with a good ear for strong melodies, which is evidenced by the title track. Now, the vocals are occasionally a bit hit-or-miss in the sense that the clean ones sound somewhat out of place at times and therefore fail to complement the music sufficiently, which probably accounts for why the tune titled "I'm Away" is the weakest of the bunch, but the harsh, screamed vocals are pretty damn effective and cool. In terms of sound and production values, the disc is loud, sharp, and hard-hitting, which suits the beefy song material and the overall intensity of the LP quite nicely. As to highlights, "Antihero" and "Unforged" are absolutely pulverizing and a couple of truly heavy delights that will rip your face off. The pummeling "Prior" is another standout cut and "Fight for Your Life" is simply a raging tsunami that offers dynamics and excellent riffs.

"Eye for an Eye" is an interesting record that if full of potential and promise with respect to the band's future musical endeavors and although it lacks originality, it delivers a potent slab of punchy metal that is capable of tearing you a new asshole and keeping you entertained throughout. Good stuff!




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