Man'en Med Ljaa1

Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Independent, 2021)

Karakter: 4.5/6

TruckerFucker_Man'en Med Ljaa1.jpg The lovely dead serious Norwegian quartet I shall address as TF is a kind of black metal Green Jellÿ in the tongue-in-cheek approach to their music. From admittedly creatively named debut EP "Vulva Volvo" (2019) through the first full length "Doedens Daf" (2020) and this, the subject of this review, TF has featured a demented zombie/ghost trucker in a truck devastating other trucks along with some road fixtures, leaving no doubts about the meaning of their moniker. As I am as huge fan of joke bands as Burton Christopher Bell (ex-Fear Factory, Ascension Of The Watchers) is of metal, I approached TF with reservation until I crapshootedlyTM played "KoronAss" which reminded me of Trivium's "Down From The Sky" and thus, by extension, country music and I desired to know TF's 2nd LP in its entirety.

While "Man'en Med Ljaa1" is by no means a groundbreaking masterpiece it is a very good disc. Besides the aforementioned "KoronAss", which isn't even my favorite, the Witchery stylings of "Kjetta" with its distinct sharp RIFF which will likely get stuck on your head, and the surprisingly mid-era Paradise Lost and Hypocrisy melodiscism of "Min klage" are recommended but my favorite is the fantastic punk rock closer "Ode til E6", so uplifting even though I've no idea what they're singing since everything is sung in the native Norwegian. As for the rest, there's one song which could have been better as its Motörheadian avant-garde old Solefald potential has not been fully realized, namely the Prongish "BæBuBil" but other than that the material is consistently very good but not great.

"Man'en Med Ljaa1" is fun, melodic if hardly groundbreaking black'n'roll which serves its purpose but I hope TF won't stop there and expands their horizons based on those standouts, say, a fusion of ideas from "Kjetta", "Min klage" and "Ode til E6" in the same track for a unique mix?


Andre omtaler:

27.07.2021: INTERLOPER - Search Party
26.07.2021: MORIBUND OBLIVION - Endles
24.07.2021: BARNEY HOSKYNS - God is in the Radio: Unbridled Enthusiasms 1980-2020
23.07.2021: AIRBAG - Identity (2021 Remaster)
22.07.2021: BROTHER AGAINST BROTHER - Brother Against Brother
21.07.2021: GO AHEAD AND DIE - Go Ahead And Die
20.07.2021: CHALICE OF SIN - Chalice of Sin
19.07.2021: KENT HILLI - The Rumble
17.07.2021: NIGHTFALL - At Night We Prey
16.07.2021: ARABS IN ASPIC - Progeria (Re-master/Re-issue)
15.07.2021: ROBERT SELLERS - The Remarkable Tale of Radio 1
14.07.2021: CROWNE - Kings in the North
13.07.2021: ECLIPSUS - Yürei
12.07.2021: ASCENSION OF THE WATCHERS - Apogrypha
10.07.2021: NERVOUS DECAY - Nervous Decay
09.07.2021: NIHÏLANTH - Graceless Planet
08.07.2021: FLOTSAM AND JETSAM - Blood In The Water
06.07.2021: AT THE GATES - The Nightmare Of Being
06.07.2021: MAYHEM - Atavistic black disorder/Kommando