Traveling Cowboys

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Records, 2021)

Karakter: 4/6

MARK SPIRO ALBUM COVER.jpgThe highly skilled songwriter Mark Spiro recently released this solo effort of his titled "Traveling Cowboys", and we are essentially treated to fifteen compositions that are perhaps best described and classified as AOR rock with pop sensibilities to them and an abundance of vocal hooks. Melodically strong and boasting good vocals and great musicianship, these fine pieces showcase Spiro's knack for crafting vibrant and dynamic tunes that revolve around love, loss, friendship, loyalty, freedom, and yearning.

In addition to being pleasing to the ear and memorable, I also find this particular disc much better and more interesting than last year's 3-CD set (the "2 +2 = 5 - Best Of + Rarities" - also released by Frontiers Records), and I can easily see lovers of AOR, melodic rock, and soft rock finding this latest opus of Mark's a worthwhile listen and a solid investment of time. Although a few songs are either unremarkable or simply mediocre, there are some real gems to be found here such as the catchy and captivating "Rolls Royce", the punchy and entertaining "VanderPump", and the haunting ballad that is "Between the Raindrops (Revisited)".

A somewhat soothing and at times beautiful collection of tracks by a renowned musician and talented songsmith. Try it out if you are in the mood for something pleasant and cool while out driving or when sitting on your porch late at night. 

Frontiers Music Srl | Record Label

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