Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Records, 2021)

Karakter: 4/6

SAVE THE WORLD Two album cover.jpgDan Tracey (Alan Parsons Project) and Robert Wright are back with their sophomore album appropriately titled "Two" and as with its predecessor "One", we are talking melodic hard rock with pop sensibilities (and a whole lot of other musical influences and traits on top of that). These guys definitely have a good ear for great hooks and the vocals are instantly appealing while the guitars are crisp and the keyboards effective.

The thing about "Two" is that it feels less musically adventurous and exciting than "One" and I simply do not find it as eclectic, charming, or full of surprises as the latter was. This new record of theirs sounds more direct and straightforward in a certain sense, which is not necessarily a bad thing since there are still plenty of intriguing ideas and interesting arrangements on display throughout, but it lacks the punch and diversity of the 2017 record. Still, Save the World most definitely have a style and identity of their own, and the songs still come across as slightly personal and close to the heart, which is more than one can say about countless other (melodic) hard rock and AOR acts out there. While I prefer the thrills and unpredictability of "One" to this one, "Two" is worth checking out and who in their right mind could ever resist such energetic, catchy epics as the superbly written "Bones", "When Amanda Hits the Stage", and "Defenders of the Faith"? If you can overlook a couple of bland and forgettable tracks, "Two" is a good offering.


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