Torch of Rock and Roll

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(SAOL, 2021)

Karakter: 3.5/6

THE MIGHTY ONE album cover.jpgThe Mighty One hail from Canada and churn out an energetic mixture of heavy metal and hard rock with groove and grit to it, and the raw affair is suitably unpolished and also sufficiently vibrant to evoke that wonderfully invigorating spirit of rock ‘n' roll, which is obviously a good thing.

In many ways, this Canadian trio's songs are quite simple and straightforward without coming across as one-dimensional or devoid of depth. There are dynamics on display throughout and everything feels pure and honest, which is a big part of its charm. Several juicy riffs and massive choruses make an appearance too (check out "When This is Over") and the ten-track effort possesses drive and passion. So far, so good. What it lacks are truly memorable and huge tunes that will linger in the back of one's head after having listened to it a number of times, which is not to say that there are no strong cuts to be found on the disc, but it could have done with more highlights and mind-blowing moments to these ears. In addition, the vocals do not always work for me and occasionally feel a little flat in that there are a number of times where they fail to complement the variety of the actual music and therefore seem strangely out of place. However, the record certainly has plenty of merits and the sprawling epic that is "Kickin' Stones" and the world-weary, gloomy "Burden" are robust, well-written tracks that are worthy of attention.

There is potential and promise to "Torch of Rock and Roll" and loads of wicked ideas, but it will neither set the underground metal scene on fire nor tear your face off. 



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