Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Folter Records, 2021)

Karakter: 4.5/6

WOLVES OF PERDITION.jpgThe Finnish black metal horde known as Wolves of Perdition is a quite interesting encounter in many ways and I am rather impressed with how intense yet melodically rich this 13-track torture trap of theirs is. While the sound and overall presentation of "Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare" is relatively old-school and traditional, there is something about the way in which they weave raging riffs, epic melodies, and howls of wrath together so that what comes out is essentially a pretty well-crafted opus steeped in melancholy and hatred. It is almost as if there is an understated sense of beauty to some of the passages and an unpronounced feeling of yearning present in the music. On the other hand, there are also heaps of dark and brooding parts that will leave you feeling terrible about yourself and the world around you, and when it comes to evoking a morbid aura, Wolves of Perdition have got that down to a tee also. There is nothing new to what these guys do as such, but I would wager that it is the amount of confidence displayed throughout that kind of sets this one apart from many others. The lyrics are basically waging war on all religious dogmas and doctrines and whatnot, which means that no one or nothing is spared. This also entails that it is totally uncompromising and unfiltered in a certain sense and that the record actually lives up to its title.

The morose and rather bleak atmosphere is nearly always underlined by the ear-piercing, strident guitars and the varied, nasty vocals, and the whole affair simply works like a loathsome spell. It might not be one for the history books in terms of innovation, but it sure gets the job done effectively, and this is most definitely an album that I will return to again in the future. For a teaser, check the two majestic tracks titled "King Death" and "The Rising Storm" out as they perfectly illustrate and capture what this twisted musical entity is all about. If you are familiar with the works of Triumphator, Panchrysia, and Ragnarok (around the time of their "Malediction" LP), then "Ferocious Blasphemic Warfare" may in fact be just what you need. A sparkling debut offering for sure.


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