Remembering the Past/Writing the Future

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Xtreem Music, 2021)

Karakter: 4/6

Golgotha album cover.jpgThe Spanish doom metal outfit Golgotha, which was conceived nearly thirty years ago and hails from Palma de Mallorca, recently unleashed this EP of theirs, but although only five tracks are listed on the sleeve, there are in fact eight pieces present on the disc. The last three songs are simply orchestral renditions of the actual EP material, but who are we to complain when we essentially get fifty minutes of music here?

Mournful vocals, forlorn riffs, lofty melodies, and a brooding aura serve as the primary ingredients and this is some bleak and melancholic stuff with a prominent sense of yearning and grief to it. Even though it is neither original nor different to what countless other acts within the doom/goth/death metal sphere have done over the years, "Remembering the Past/Writing the Future" is nevertheless quite effective and gets the job done in a convincing manner.

Taking into consideration that they have been around for ages, I do miss a more individual sound and musical identity here, but again, this one is hardly short on feelings of longing and emotional weight, so perhaps the best most appropriate way of summing things up would be that the whole affair is solid and enjoyable rather than outstanding or utterly gripping. This is music for times of solitude and reflection and very much reminds me of Saturnus, My Dying Bride, and November's Doom - and I like that.




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