Mean To An End

Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Independent, 2021)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Svn.Seeker_MeansToAnEnd.jpgLast year I reviewed Fire In The Distance's (FITD) excellent debut album and some of the members used to be in Archaic Decapitator of which band Svn.Seeker's frontman, Nikita Alekseyevich Khrenov (vocals, guitars, synth programming) is a former guitarist. This isn't the only connection as this debut EP was produced in the same studio as FITD debut and, finally, both bands play melodic death metal and have some similarities in sound, such as tendency to use a lot of synth DEPECHE MODEic programming. Nikita, joined by Geoff Chance (guitars), Rob "OB" Lembo (backing vocals, bass) and Pat Conaty (drums), however, leans more heavily on the death side of the melodeath paradigm, though, of course, there's plenty of melody in this tale of coping with the loss of loved ones and spells of depression and frustration, as well as the idea that one's actions in life are what will define them in the end rather than the means of their passing, to quote from the promo. The result is a well-written set of songs which is enjoyable to listen to but ultimately leaving a listener with a sense of longing for a fuller, deeper constitution.

Of the 5 tracks, 4 actual songs plus the somewhat superflous intro/instrumental (are they ever necessary?), the favorite "Seeking My Own Sun" (so "sun seeker" with a "v" a'la BEHEMOTH?) sounds the most fully developed with a very melodic distinct chorus all of which recalling the now sadly defunct ENFORSAKEN, so, with it, naturally the latter DEATH. Nikita's vocals, riff stylings and the rough mix bring ARSIS and THE BLACK DAHLIA as well as the more extreme side of MY DYING BRIDE to mind in "Pilfered" but the biggest surprise is the "Terrible Certainty" KREATORic "Death Of A Judge" with vocal phrasing, too, resembling Miland "Mille" Petrozza, while the title track waxes progressive somewhere between OMNIUM GATHERUM and latter CARCASS with MACHINE HEAD's "Now I Lay Thee Down" riffing, while Mr. Lembo "walks" his Steven "Steve" Di Giorgio-like bass lines like it's 1993 and "Individual Thought Patterns".

"Means To An End" is a little messy, lots of melody sometimes repulses the extremity while the transitions seem too sudden, too quick and not always called for and this tends to happen more in the longer tracks. Moreover, this record is not overly original, but then again, it is their debut so that's expected. However, these Connecticuters write interesting riffs and melodies, know their instruments and they seem to have the potential to one day stand right next to ARSIS or OMNIUM GATHERUM. Recommended for seekers of the "where melodeath goes next" path.


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