Nordisk Krim

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Karisma Records, 2021)

Karakter: 5.5/6

TUSMØRKE Nordisk Krim.jpgNorwegian prog rockers Tusmørke never disappoint and this latest offering of theirs is nothing less than an eclectic and musically extraordinary double album - two discs filled to the brim with quirky ideas, superb musicianship, expertly crafted melodies that will haunt you in your sleep, and glorious tunes that lack neither substance nor dynamics.

As is usually the case with these guys, their albums are warm-sounding affairs that are instantly pleasing to the ears and accessible, and "Nordisk Krim" is no different. Tusmørke have a unique way of arranging songs and weaving multiple layers and textures together to great effect, and nowhere is that more evident than the tracks titled "Moss Goddess" and "Cauldron Bog". While the former possesses a melancholy beauty, the latter is almost folk-like and pastoral-sounding in terms of its melodies and moods. The shared chemistry within the band is palpable and each composition fizzes with energy. Surreal and almost weirdly ethereal at times but never dull or uninspired, "Nordisk Krim" may well be their most musically diverse output to date. Whereas a piece such as "Heksejakt" is uplifting and bouncy, the closing song "(The Marvelous and Murderous) Mysteries of Sacrifice" is perhaps the darkest track in their catalogue yet. In other words, there is light and shade to be found and enjoyed throughout. I would have loved more tunes sung in their native language as that adds a certain charm to their material, but the majority of "Nordisk Krim" is in English and that works well too.

"Nordisk Krim" is a magical journey through the odd corners of the prog-loving underground, and when Tusmørke are in the zone (which is literally all the time), they are a force of nature and there is nothing even remotely derivative about what they do. Oh man, if only all records were as stirring as this one. In summing up, this is the kind of sublime psychedelic trip that only Tusmørke can provide.

Nordisk Krim | Tusmørke (bandcamp.com)

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