Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Great Dane Records, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

WAR AGENDA album cover.jpgWar Agenda's sharp and vicious thrash metal assault in the shape of ”Propaganda” came out a few months ago and I am going to keep this review real short and simply urge you to check the eleven-track effort out if you are in the mood for a solid headbanging delight.

Musically and stylistically, these guys sound like a cross between Exodus and Destruction, and I am sure that you could name-drop a few other Teutonic legends or Bay Area giants here too, but what ”Propaganda” essentially offers is catchy 80s-inspired metal where the riffs are easy on the ear and instantly memorable and where the leads are blistering and face-melting. If you want complexity or innovation, you need to look elsewhere.

War Agenda keep things simple but sufficiently varied, and listening to this raw and gritty opus is heaps of fun. The vocals are slightly off at times and do not always complement the music as much as they could have, but in general they get the job done. Thrash metal with infectious hooks and an abundance of energy is what you get here – not originality. Charmingly crushing stuff and the album artwork basically tells you all you need to know about the German's latest ferocious output. Wicked!

War Agenda (bandcamp.com)

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