Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Records, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

PERSUADER Necromancy album cover.jpgThe band Persuader, which hails from Sweden, offers pummeling and aggressive power metal with crushing riffs, excellent vocals, and more bombast that you can probably stomach. This is some hard-hitting yet melodically good stuff with a sharp edge and a massively epic atmosphere to it. "Necromancy" is by no means original, but it is effective and succeeds in engaging the listener and keeping one entertained from start to finish.

Two things that deserve to be emphasized are how varied and colorful the vocals are and just how punchy and powerful the ferocious rhythm section is. Again, one could make the argument that this is derivative rather than innovative but what Persuader do they do really well and I found a lot to enjoy about this pounding slab of heaviness especially with respect to the melodies and gut-piercing riffs that abound throughout and the way in which the vocals complement them.

"Necromancy" is a solid offering and a worthwhile investment of time as it ticks pretty much all the right power metal boxes, and fans of Primal Fear and the likes ought to find it a satisfying output. These long, majestic compositions have a nicely sinister quality to them as well and nowhere is that more evident than in the dark and brooding "Gateways" or the bone-breaking album closer "The Infernal Fires". These guys have been at it for many years and you can tell that they are seasoned veterans from listening to this latest opus of theirs. Make a note of this record and check it out.

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