Dwellers of the Deep

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Karisma Records, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6


I was blown away by Wobbler's previous effort, the musically adventurous ”From Silence to Somewhere” from 2017, and was therefore extremely excited about listening to and reviewing this follow-up of theirs. Do the 70s-inspired Norwegian prog rockers deliver the goods? Absolutely! He four lengthy and impressively crafted compositions that constitute ”Dwellers of the Deep” are consistently driven forward by the enthusiasm and energy inherent in the song material and this is one of those stellar outputs that come across as both a labor of love for all involved and nothing short of a musical triumph.

Whereas ”From Silence to Somewhere” was slightly catchier and perhaps also a bit more charming and accessible compared to this latest gem by the group, this 2020 excursion into surreal and beautiful textures and worlds of sound is arguably a tad more playful and perfectly challenging, which is good in the sense that the talented members of the collective have clearly both refined and developed their unique musical identity further. This is potent prog rock performed with class and fans of Yes, Camel, and Caravan need this as there is simply no way not to fall in love with the melancholy grandeur of “Five Rooms” or to be swept away by the amazing flow that the opening track “By the Banks” possesses.


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