From Darkness, Light

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Apollon Records, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

Brudini-From-Darkness-Light-Album-Cover.jpegThe London-based act Brudini is something else entirely and there is no other way for me to describe this unique piece of work than a warm and vibrant mixture of eclectic and hugely original music that defies genre conventions and easy categorization.

What makes ”From Darkness, Light” so special? The first few times I immersed myself in this record, I would sit back and marvel at how dark it is at times while simultaneously finding great joy in those glimmers of hope that occasionally occur throughout its twelve compositions. There is a radiant and almost overwhelming sense of beauty to what Brudini has spawned here; the pulsating soundscapes that shimmer underneath it all evoke mental images of dark and lonely roads, desolate fields, bleak deserts, and long walks through urban landscapes. If Syd Barrett, Nick Cave, and either Massive Attack or Portishead joined forces and decided to do movie soundtracks, Americana, and singer-songwriter music together, then perhaps that would point you in the right direction but even that seems like a futile attempt at summing up what this album sounds like. It is steeped in yearning and heart piercing melancholy, and it is essentially an intriguing and introspective mixture of various genres and ideas where music and poetry collide and complement each other.
With its spoken words, haunting pianos, and mellow guitars one could definitely make the argument that it is deeply experimental in nature. It is moody and layered but neither impenetrable nor convoluted. The only downside to this otherwise captivating release is that it is not consistently good, which is to say that a few songs and sketches come across as mere experiments in words and sound rather than actual quality music with an exciting edge to it, but those are in the minority and for the most part this record is utterly compelling. There are countless shades of light and darkness to be explored and experienced here, and the lyrics are in a league of their own. If you want a couple of teasers then perhaps you ought to check the tracks entitled ”Nightcrawler”, "Emotional Outlaw" and ”Pale Gold” out? Music for the nocturnal hours, folks.


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