Utopian Deception

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Folter Records, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

The Committee album cover.jpgI was rather fond of the previous effort ("Memorandum Occultus" from 2017) by this most mysterious of black metal ensembles, and this poisonous new output of theirs is even better and more focused than its predecessor.

A thick, swirling mass of vile and twisted riffs, vicious vocals about to explode with venom, and a truly ominous and impressively dark atmosphere are just a few of the unpleasant things that "Utopian Deception" holds. Perfectly long and brooding pieces such as "Lexi Con - Radical", "Harrowing the Sane - Popularization", and closing track "Ashes - Norm" are drenched in an aura most loathsome and if you are on the lookout for an intense and lethal cocktail consisting of equal parts misanthropy and despair, this memorable and often-times compelling opus might be just what your warped mind craves. The record is utterly aggressive and relentlessly bleak but certainly not without plenty of dynamics, and its sound is both organic and suitably raw.

"Utopian Deception" is an epic and strangely trance-inducing listen as well as a powerful and deeply interesting black metal album with a sense of purpose to it, and it delivers with respect to both the lyrics and the actual music. Recommended!


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