Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Caligari Records, 2020)

Karakter: 4.5/6

OčiVlka_Demo.jpgOut of the blue comes the debut demo, (informatively named Demo) from this Chomutov, Czech Republic black/death metal band whose name translates as Eyes Of The Wolf (or perhaps Eyes Of A Wolf since Slavic languages have no use of the definite and indefinite articles). The record is as strange as the fact that the identities of the two members (both formerly of the expired hardcore/metal outfit Darkearth) are hidden behind nondescript aliases Slawa (guitars, bass, vocals) and drummer Sturmführer ("stormleader", the equivalent of a 2nd lieutenant in the paramilitary German Nazi Party ranks Sturmabteilung aka SA) so forgive me for anticipating Third Reich black metal.

Thankfully, a very good black/death metal is what I got, instead. While the 1st and 5th track are the two sides of the same coin serving as intro and outro and a little self-indulgent, "Vnimani Zivota Na Prahu Smrti" (Perception Of Life On The Threshold Of Death) is a varied paced concoction of Cradle Of Filth cooked on Dissection with multiple satisfying melodies which is why the faster, bleaker and the very Gojira-like unnamed 3rd track is a step down, which is excellently remedied by the more aggressive, crushing and cavernous "Basnikovi". Tracks 2 and 4 generally should serve as the blueprint for a full length should one be attepted any time soon.

Why Oči Vlka's debut "Demo" did not blow me away it passed its intended test with a crushing, admittedly already unique sound, commendable production and performance with above average songwriting, so I'll definitely be looking out for more from these guys.


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