Brainwashed Generation

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Music, 2020)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Enuff Znuff album cover.jpgThis sparkling new ten-track record by the renowned Enuff Z’Nuff turned out to be a most pleasant surprise and what we have here is a vigorous and fresh-sounding piece of work with the band’s charismatic and characteristic brand of uplifting The Beatles/Cheap Trick-inspired hard rock coming across as more powerful than ever before.  

Not only does the appropriately titled album boast a great-sounding production with plenty of warmth and punch to it, but there are also heaps of energy present on the disc and it is downright exciting to hear the talented outfit plow through glorious standouts and highlights ala “I Got My Money Where My Mouth Is”, “Strangers in My Head”, “Drugland Weekend”, and fabulous album closer “Winding Road”. Obviously, there is a strong emphasis on catchy riffs, vocal hooks, and generally just wildly memorable tunes here, but the wicked thing about “Brainwashed Generation” is that it does not tend to get old or lose its charm even after what seems like an endless amount of spins and listens. Why is that? Well, there is groove, swagger, and proper rock ‘n’ roll attitude in spades here, but there is also a huge amount of variety in play throughout while certain compositions benefit greatly from something akin to melancholy vibes now and then. It is pretty damn heartfelt in places.

“Brainwashed Generation” is a focused affair, but above all, it is a fun and delightful collection of fist-pumping, glam-infested rock music. Nothing too original as such, but like I said, there is something incredibly uplifting about this hook-laden album, and that is one thing we could probably all need a bit of these days, right?


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