Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Wolfsgrimm Records, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

UPRISING II album cover.jpgWhile the one-man band’s first full-length assault from 2016 was musically impressive and melodically gorgeous (not to mention soaked in a wonderfully thick, blackened atmosphere and majestic as hell), this sophomore effort is even more accomplished and remarkable than the aforementioned debut album. Why is that? Well, the production is more potent and hard-hitting this time around and the strength of the songwriting is downright amazing.

Simply titled “II”, the German black metal maestro who enigmatically refers to himself as W has conjured up a passionate and infinitely dark piece of work that incorporates a myriad of different elements and ideas that all complement each other together beautifully here, which basically means that this is an utterly satisfying listening experience. Epic and soaring melodies coupled with harsh vocals and stellar riffs make this uncompromising album a bleak delight to lose oneself in and I am blown away by how varied the entire affair it. Not only does it possess a great flow, but the depth of the compositions is staggering and there are so many shades and nuances to pick up on throughout that one can simply keep listening to it over and over again and constantly discover something new. For lack of a better description or a more apt summary of what immersing oneself in “II” is akin to, allow me to simply say that it sounds and feels massive in every conceivable way. Standouts and highlights? Well fuck me, every tune is cool, but “Monuments” and the title track are good candidates, I think.

Its evocative medieval-ish artwork suits the lyrics and the sinister yet grand feel of “II” perfectly, and if you are a black metal aficionado who appreciates muscular-sounding music that ranges from mournful to hyper-aggressive, I strongly suggest that you check this vigorous and wildly captivating opus out.  


Andre omtaler:

23.11.2020: DARK TRANQUILLITY - Moment
20.11.2020: THANATEROS - Insomnia
19.11.2020: CELESTIAL SEASON - The Secret Teachings
18.11.2020: BESTIAL WARFARE - Desecrating Goat Assault
17.11.2020: IRON MAIDEN - Nights of the Dead, Legacy of the Beast: Live in Mexico City
16.11.2020: KENNETH WOMACK - John Lennon 1980: The Last Days in the Life
13.11.2020: AC/DC - Power Up
12.11.2020: HULKOFF - Pansarfolk
11.11.2020: =fudge= - Dust To Come
10.11.2020: WOBBLER - Dwellers of the Deep
09.11.2020: SIMON GODDARD - Bowie Odyssey 70
06.11.2020: MARK BOALS & RING OF FIRE - All The Best!
05.11.2020: SIMON COLLINS - Becoming Human
04.11.2020: THE MYOPIA CONDITION - Event Horizon
03.11.2020: TERMINAL NATION - Holocene Extinction
02.11.2020: HOLLOW ILLUSION - 2
31.10.2020: DGM - Tragic Separation
30.10.2020: BRUDINI - From Darkness, Light
29.10.2020: SUFFERING SOULS - True Godfucking Soulblight
28.10.2020: CONCRETE - Free Us From Existence