Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Great Dane Records, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

Anaxagor album cover.jpgThe French death thrashing scumbags collectively known as Anaxagor recently unleashed a self-titled torrent of dark, rumbling metal that is relatively old-school in its approach yet tightly executed and to the point. There is something concise and refreshingly straightforward about this punishing self-titled offering but at the same time it is riddled with clever twists and morbid turns. Sharp, pummeling pieces ala “Shepard” and “Fame of Thrash” are not only effective and intense, but also efficient in terms of evoking an unpleasant and oppressive atmosphere akin to what some of the old death metal deities and pioneers were capable of.

The album is solid and sufficiently varied and dynamic to warrant repeated listens, and although Anaxagor did not blow my socks off or give me a hard-on as such, it definitely gets the job done and there is a lot to appreciate and cherish here. It sounds and feel focused and convincing, and it is thoroughly soaked in a dense and blackened aura. As with many similar releases by Great Dane Records, this is a quality output and trust me when I say that there are some diverse, interesting, and memorable cuts to be experienced and devoured here. For a teaser, check the insane and strangely epic “Blood Lord” out.  


Andre omtaler:

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