Roffe Hunter

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Selfreleased, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

ROFFE HUNTER.jpgRoffe Hunter is a Swedish combo and I find it really fucking cool that there is hardly any information out there on the band as such. What we are dealing with here is their demo, which was released this year, so let us see what is in store for us, shall we? 

The ominous, horror-filled intro sets the tone of what is to come quite nicely and what we are talking about is a rather cool and somewhat lo-fi mixture of doom metal, early black metal, and heavy metal. Early Black Sabbath, Saint Vitus, Pentagram, and subtle hints of Mercyful Fate come to mind pretty often when listening to this 3-track demo, and there is a charming underground aesthetic to the whole affair, which is neat. Despite the fact that it took me a little while to get used to the vocals, I have definitely come to like this murky opus and its raw, unpolished vibe, and there is no denying the fact that it gets better and better the more I listen to it.

The riffs are catchy, the solos are simple yet effective, and for some reason its atmosphere recalls some of the classic horror films from the 60s and 70s, so other than the fact that this is hardly original or different to what have come before, I have nothing to complain about as such. What shines through here is the amount of passion and joy that went into crafting the entire endeavor – it truly sounds as if these guys had a blast putting these three compositions together and recording them. If I had to choose a standout track, it would probably be “Evil”. You can locate their stuff on YouTube and Spotify, so have a look there, okay?


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