Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Purity Through Fire, 2020)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Vspolokh_Помре.jpgAccording to Encyclopedia Metallum, Всполох" (Vspolokh) is an archaic Russian noun for ''flash'' or ''glow''. The Tugulym, Sverdlovsk Oblast, Russian atmospheric black metal outfit featuring Dmitriy "Vel" "Velemudr" Mamontov (guitars, vocals), Alexandr "JC" Zyablitskikh (guitars), Anton "Div" Popelushko (bass) and Andrey "Velezar" Kazakov (drums, vocals) can boast of just two recordings, "Сумерки" demo (2005), and "Печаль о прошлом" (Sorrow Of The Past) (2010) since the 2004 inception, but already on this, their 2nd full length they prove they know their way around atmospheric black metal combining Drudkh-ish and "Störmblast" Dimmu Borgir-ian atmospherics for a very good result which neither excites nor dissapoints.

The material on "Помре" (Pomre) is very even, like a steady flow of consequential consistency without any clear highlights, but one, "На Серых Равнинах" (In The Somber Lowlands), is a close call, replete with "Antigone/Deaf To Our Prayers" Heaven Shall Burn-ing and Amon Amarth-y melodiscism, so, for what it's worth, let's call it my favorite track. I do like the way the material goes from slow, marching to fast and brutal and that Vspolokh has a good sense of melody, which, acoustically, borders on Opeth-ian, and in all these respects it would be unfair to give them a 4/6 rating just because the material lacks any standouts.

Vspolokh is still a relatively young, learning construct but they have a good potential which may later blossom into something concrete and maybe astonishing but as for "Помре" it's just little more than very good craftsmanship, from where I stand.


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