Infernum et Necromantium

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Folter Records, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

ILLUM ADORA infernum.jpgGerman black metal combo Illum Adora did not impress me that greatly when I reviewed its previous offering, the traditional-sounding and somewhat mediocre “…Of Serpentine Forces”, but this latest 5-track EP immediately struck me as a much more interesting and dynamic output than past efforts.

Musically and stylistically speaking, these ugly fuckers are still firmly rooted in filthy, tremolo-picked black metal that harkens back to the mid 90ies, which means that innovation is nowhere near in sight here, but the band’s grim and vile tunes are soaked in a thick, blackened atmosphere that is quite prevalent and convincing. Apart from the harsh riffs sounding significantly more inspired and wicked than they did on the previous album, I really dig the sparse use of keyboards on “Infernum et Necromantium” and the way in which they infuse the compositions with an unholy aura and add a subtle occult touch to the proceedings. This is nicely illustrated by the title track and “Obscurita Medievale” – two raw and catchy cuts. However, the standout song is the Elizabeth Bathory-inspired “Heroine des Grauens” as this one boasts not only a sense of satanic grandeur but also a rather prominent melancholy vibe that lends depth to the piece. The Gorgoroth-esque “Master of Contempt” possesses a frantic thrash-like feel while the rendition of Behemoth’s “Blackvisions of the Almighty” is decent, but these two curses are neither as strong nor memorable as the others and come across as slightly unremarkable in the overall perspective.

“Infernum et Necromantium” is neither outstanding nor original, but it is a focused affair and a satisfying listen that evokes the spirit of old-school black metal in a properly sinister manner. Efficient and intense stuff!


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