A Day at the Beach

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Karisma Records, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

AIRBAG A Day at the Beach album cover.jpgNorwegian prog rockers Airbag rarely cease to amaze me and this latest effort of theirs sporting the splendid title “A Day at the Beach” is no exception in that its six compositions comprise all the wonderful trademarks and swirling textures that one associates with the band’s previous musical outputs.

What totally works for this lousy correspondent is the record’s deeply introspective vibe and its deep-seated melancholy. Things flow together seamlessly and there is an abundance of heartfelt and rather moving parts capable of giving one the chills. The mix is pristine and the production crisp but thankfully more organic and vibrant than some of Airbag’s past offerings.  

The cinematic feel and the epic atmosphere of "A Day at the Beach" are so prevalent and prominent that one can almost reach out and touch them, and this is a layered piece of work that requires patience and focus on the part of the listener due to its many nuances and the fact that it works beautifully as one long progressive piece. Headphones are recommended when embarking on this musical odyssey, so please make a note of that, dear readers. In summing up, “A Day at the Beach” is a formidable LP where the music and lyrics are expertly crafted and skillfully intertwined, and the whole affair is as accomplished as it is essential.

Album highlights: The emotive “A Day at the Beach (Part 2)” and the soul-piercing, often-times aggressive “Megalomaniac”.


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