Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Fysisk Format, 2020)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Ormskrik.jpgIt is difficult enough a feat to straddle comfortably two genres, but this Sandnes, Rogaland, Norwegian quintet featuring Gjøran Bårdsen (vocals), Anders Skjæveland (guitars), Tormod Hansen (guitars), Erik Bakke (bass) and Kristoffer Fikstvedt (drums) rides on a three horse carriage, Horse 1: Bay Area thrash, Horse 2: Norwegian black metal and Horse 3: Swedish death metal, and there does not seem to be an extended time where one genre dominates a song. To be able to do that as a seasoned band is impressive enough but "Ormskrik" is a debut from a 5 year old ensemble, so that alone is enough for a 4/6 score.
But then there are songs themselves. None deserving less than 4.5, they are all full of melodies and thunderous technical power, such as the "So What" Metallica opener "Occultness", slighly Trivium metalcore-ish "Helheim" or the lengthy progressive closer "Eye For An Eye". As for the progression, it is when Ormskrik really let themselves go in a "who cares what we play" fashion that they really shine as on the fantastic Mercyful Fate-ian "Destroyer Of Worlds" with the excellent acoustic transition in the middle recalling Metallica's "Master Of Puppets" or the old school deathworks a'la Blood Red Throne in "Descend To Madness" and "Deathwind" with plenty ebbs, flows, hooks, solos, almost always driven by some kind of melody.

As with most debuts Ormskrik's eponymous is an unpolished diamond and it shows more of a great potential and skill (such the ability to throw in a simple but a very effective and infectious riff as in "Hecatomb") than fantastic songcraft but these guys are definitely a band to beware and watch for as I foresee them flooring many jaws, including my own, in the future.


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