Invitation From The Host Of Wrath/Mortal Organic Remains

Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Selfmadegod Records, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

Sparagmos_IFTHOW_MOR.jpgBefore Antigama, founded in 2000, there was Sparagmos, a vicious death/thrash construct more interesting than Vader and just as technical and skilled as Behemoth. Sparagmos, featuring Łukasz Józef Myszkowski (vocals, guitars), Sebastian Zusin (guitars), Andrzej "Jolo" Rudnicki (bass) and Tomasz Marecki (drums), started with a promising "Mortal Organic Remains..." demo (1990), followed by the ferocious and explosive 1st album, "Invitation From Host Of Wrath" (1992). After two more albums, "Error" (1994) and "Conflict" (1999), Łukasz Myszkowski formed Antigama, Sparagmos disbanding in 2002. Last month Selfmadegod Records re-released their first two recordings on one CD, which fact begs the question: was it worth the time and money?

In considering both the question and answer it is important to point out the major flaw of this material, the obvious flaw: the production. Making up actual songs out of the mess of occasionally powerfully sounding riffs (Execrable Visitors) and insane rhythms can be quite a challenge for the undiscerning and untrained ears with such a horrible mix which screams POLISH RECORDING ' 1992 from its every nook and crevice. On top of that, the mix totally fails 3 times (title track, Cage, Neuropathy) and that in the most interesting, if not essential, parts. As if that weren't enough, Sparagmos has one such asinine and crass track (Dick Duck), which sounds like a parody of German and American porn, that it is all I could do to force myself to continue to listen.

But there are good things about this material, which is generally centered around Kreator's and Slayer's first 5 albums with some ancient Morbid Angel and Sepultura while in the aforementioned "Execrable Visitors" I hear echoes of Rebaelliun's "Burn The Promised Land", but, sadly, it lacks its brilliant catchy structure. When Sparagmos is at its best on "Invitation..." they thrash at a moderate pace as in the "South Of Heaven/Seasons In The Abyss" Slayer-esque half-ballad "Cage" (yes, one of these mix failures!) but I must say in the melodic parts growling vocal sticks out like a sore thumb. When they are at their best on "Mortal..." they get almost traditionally catchy as on the title track, while retaining that characteristic structure akin to "Terrible Certainty/Extreme Aggression" Kreator dominating throughout the 5 track EP.

Sparagmos was a promising death/thrash outfit who wrote decent music, had considerable skills and could have been bigger than Vader or Behemoth but wasn't. As this (re)release creates a reference point for you and me, perhaps it would be wise for Mr. Myszkowski to reconsider a reunion for at least one crushing album?


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