Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Frontiers Records, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

fmsynchronized.jpgWhen those fabulous first chords and tones of FM’s latest record “Synchronized” emanate from the speakers, you just know that you are in for a treat. Melodically rich and ridiculously catchy not to mention exceptionally well-played, the British rockers are firing on all cylinders here and this is an exciting and inspired release that beautifully showcases why these well-respected veterans are such a huge draw whenever they tour and their fans remain so loyal and dedicated to the band.  
Steve Overland’s vocals are as strong and pristine as ever and complement the huge choruses perfectly. Thanks to plenty of hooks, loads of atmosphere, and a prominent sense of confidence, “Synchronized” is up there with the best of them and incredibly cohesive in terms of style and quality. Highlights (apart from the riveting title track) include the melancholy “Superstar” and the heartfelt ballad “Ghost of You and I”. Other notable and praiseworthy ones are the fiery “Ready for Me” and the energetic “Pray”. The least interesting cut is arguably “Hell or High Water” but even that one is well above average. I do miss one or two more harder-edged and heavier tunes along the lines of “Ready for Me” and “Pray” in order to add a little more bombast and variety to the affair, but other than that this opus is splendid and none of the tracks come across as derivative or formulaic as such.
This is AOR/melodic (hard) rock at its finest and it is as spirited as it is classy. The crazy thing is that this skilled outfit is even better and more entertaining live than on record, which is saying something as they seem incapable of dishing out mediocre or lackluster albums. I had the pleasure of catching one of their gigs in Scotland last year and it was superb all around, so if you get the chance to attend one of their shows in the future, make sure you do so.
In summing up, FM write way better and more memorable songs than most bands out there, which is perfectly illustrated by “Synchronized”.   


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