Kaos Svarta Mar

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Folter Records, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

ARCKANUM Kaos Svarta Mar album cover.jpegThe now-defunct Swedish black metal entity that is Arckanum re-issued this 5-track EP via Folter Records a few months ago, and it was originally released years ago by Blut & Eisen Productions, so if you missed out on that wicked beauty back in 2004, now is the perfect time to get your hands on the anti-cosmic gem that is “Kaos Svarta Mar”.

Arckanum’s somewhat ritualistic and strangely enchanting brew of hypnotic black metal is as evocative and deeply atmospheric as ever on “Kaos Svarta Mar”. It is dark and menacing yet melancholy and often-times beautiful too. Contrasts and dichotomies abound on the disc and are constantly wrestling with each other throughout. Although this is not the most diverse Arckanum entry in its discography that you will come across, things do shift and move effortlessly between fast-paced, tremolo-picked parts and slow, moody sections all the while the aura and feel of the entire affair is consistently trance-like and dangerously seductive. As evidenced by such tracks as “Eldkniver”, “Frana (Anti-Cosmic Version)”, and the unsettling “Spitælsker”, main-man Shamaatae  had a unique ability to compose and churn out tunes that were raw and harsh while simultaneously being instantly appealing and able to suck you in immediately upon listening to them. Simply put, there is depth and quality in spades here.

“Kaos Svarta Mar” is a compelling and memorable output that brilliantly highlights the esoteric and musically rewarding aspects of what Arckanum were all about while also illustrating why that project is sadly missed nowadays. The record is just too damn short, and one is left wanting more, but that is obviously a good sign.



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