Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Selfreleased, 2020)

Karakter: 5/6

Deified album cover.jpgHard-hitting British metallers Deified are undoubtedly an interesting musical encounter and it is certainly no wonder that these talented dudes have made quite a name for themselves in the metal underground at home and abroad these past few years. With a firm knack for churning out aggressive and groovy tunes that contain plenty of dynamics and atmosphere, this 8-track mini-album of theirs is filled to the brim with sharp and lethal riffs, infectious melodies and vocal hooks, and a ferocious sense of determination. Deified mean business and let there be no doubt that massive-sounding pieces ala “Dark Desires”, “Broken Matrix”, and “Enemies Within” will tear you a new asshole (and probably even kill your downstairs neighbor too now that I think about it).
The song arrangements are clever and the tracks themselves posses many wicked traits and nuances, which is merely another way of saying that they are neither predictable nor one-dimensional. Calm sections and strangely soothing parts also sneak into the frame occasionally and I find Jamie Hughes' diverse vocals a face-melting delight, so if you want variety and a sense of musical excitement, look no further than “Anthrobscene”.Only “Blood Under the Bridge” comes across as slightly mundane and uninspired, but the rest are all killer. Did I mention that the production is utterly solid and crushing too? Metal outfits that dabble in metalcore and modern thrash metal and whatnot have a tendency to opt for either sterile or downright lifeless productions, but luckily, Deified know better and have gone for a more vibrant and crunchy sound, which suits me just fine.

Somewhat complex at times and certainly technically impressive all the way through but never convoluted or without purpose (and never anything but catchy and memorable!), “Anthrobscene” is a great slab of exhilarating metal that is as inventive in places as it is rich in detail and potential...and the album artwork looks fabulous too!


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