From Here

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(earMusic, 2019)

Karakter: 5/6

NEW MODEL ARMY From Here.jpgThe fact that British rockers New Model Army are still out there and sound as potent and vital as ever (as evidenced by the quality of this passionate 2019 offering of theirs) is great, but what truly blows my mind here is how bleak and heartfelt their latest creation comes across. Perhaps the fact that they recorded it on a small and somewhat isolated Norwegian island had something to do with that? Anyway, labeling this renowned outfit has never been easy and as usual there are traces and elements of post-punk, dark folk, metal, and alternative rock present in their inspired and emotionally charged tunes.

There is also plenty of variety and so you will get sharp and energetic outbursts ala “End of Days” and “The Weather” and introspective pieces such as “Conversation” and “Hard Way”. The reflective lyrics mirror the music and its vibe and atmosphere perfectly, and it is just awesome to see and hear that New Model Army are so intense, powerful, and interesting forty years into their career. In short, “From Here” is a delightfully timeless record and a fearsomely strong LP. Highly recommended for the open-minded listeners out there.

Album highlights/Standout tracks: The driven and pulsating “Never Arriving”, but the richly textured and strangely beautiful “Passing Through” as well as the swirling mass of riveting hypnotism that is “Maps” are also superb and deserve heaps of praise.


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