Thin the Veil

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Dark Essence Records, 2020)

Karakter: 4/6

T.O.M.B. Thin the Veil album cover.jpgAs raw as a bleeding wound and just as punishing as a glorious wrestling match, the nasty underground phenomenon that is T.O.M.B. has awakened from its slumber and spat forth an unholy musical brew consisting of dissonant black metal, claustrophobic dark ambient, vile noise, and depressing doom metal.

This is as pitch black and oppressive as they come and while some parts are akin to the sound of deafening misery, others revel in hatred and evoke an aura of death and agony. Bands and outfits ala Hell Militia, NunFuckRitual, Nierty, and Gnaw Their Tongues come to mind now and then without T.O.M.B. sounding exactly like anyone of those acts. I could throw words such as dark and sinister into the mix in order to describe their particular style and brand of audio torture, but then “Thin the Veil” is all about conjuring up a seriously blackened mood and a menacing atmosphere, which is perfectly illustrated by the pummeling and to some extent hypnotic “Decapitation of the Gods” as well as “No Return”. On the surface of things it all sounds simple, lo-fi, and perhaps even minimalistic, but between its grinding assaults on the senses and the ear-shattering industrial soundscapes that are hellbent on tearing you a new asshole, there are hidden layers just waiting to be penetrated.

“Thin the Veil” offers an interesting take on extreme music, and although it is neither utterly compelling nor all-out brilliant from start to finish, the record certainly has plenty of merit and deserves closer study and analysis by all you twisted freaks out there.


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