Burning Bright

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(earMusic, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

LAURA COX Burning Bright album cover.jpgThis is my first encounter with Southern heavy blues guitarist/vocalist Laura Cox and a most satisfying one at that in case you were wondering. Comprised of ten atmospheric songs, “Burning Bright” is a solid offering in terms of style, sound, and quality. Personally, I think a bit more grit and rawness would have suited the song material nicely, but regardless, this is a warm and lively record that peaks about halfway through thanks to the dark and melancholic trio of tunes that are “Looking Upside Down”, “Just Another Game”, and “Here's to War”.

The emotional content of those three in particular runs deep, that is for damn sure. Other notable ones include the loose and groovy “Freaking Out Loud” as well as the moving and beautiful album closer “Letters to the Otherside”. Excellent songwriting, good vocals, and even better riffs that are as bluesy as they are catchy, “Burning Bright” is definitely interesting and worth checking out if you enjoy the bluesier aspects of classic rock and Southern rock in general. I am not utterly blown away or transfixed by the disc, but make no mistake; there are heaps of potential to be discovered here and it will be very interesting to see what Cox and her talented cohorts will come up with in the future. Recommended!


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