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The opening act were the Swiss Silver Dust many stage props and made an innovative use of these. The mirror-like screen played a series of scenes that looked perhaps a bit too modern for the victorian fashion-style displayed by the characters in the film. All professionally made and all. Both the soundtracks being played and the videos were a part of the performance as the vocalist interacted with them making it a part of the performance, which was interesting. Silver Dust play a pretty modern goth industrial style, but instead of neon factory monster style, the look is pretty victorian. Nonetheless they bring to mind bands like Hanzel und Gretyl. The riffs and stage presence goes from pretty Gothic especially with songs from the last album and then may change to the more Nu Metal style of past albums and some newer songs bringing to mind System of A Down and Slipknot.


ROTTING CHRIST live@Parkteatret, Oslo 2019
Photo by Andrea Chirulescu


Rotting Christ are one of the most important bands from the greek scene and have a long discography. They do not need an introduction. Their for the most part mid-paced style didn’t make a huge contrasts with the other bands. Rotting Christ’s synths in old songs like Forest of N’gai give add to the gothic tinged night. As well as melodies in songs like Non Serviam remind you a bit of old Emperor at times, but at the same time fit so well to the general gothic atmosphere. Fire, God and Fear, a song that has a pretty dark atmosphere taken from their latest album The Heretic was played. I wish they had played more songs from their latest album as it has pretty much all: the groove, the virtuosity, the atmosphere and a really nice composition.


MOONSPELL live@Parkteatret, Oslo 2019
Photo by Andrea Chirulescu


Moonspell was absolutely cool. It’s pretty beautiful music that a wide audience may enjoy and that was attested by the diversity in the audience for that sold out concert. But anyway in despite of the crossover acceptance, they stay true to the the lugubre and vampiric atmosphere which are some of the things I love from the gothic style. Songs like Em Nome Do Medo that are pretty film score oriented and In Tremor Dei with its metal opera style give a sense of greatness. I mean the music is enough they do not need impressive decorations. In fact a moment to highlight was the simple but pretty effective hooded cape the vocalist use for the song Vampiria. I mean it was pretty theatrical. Besides the well executed gothic sound ambience the dense Death Metal moments are something really enjoyable in song like Night Eternal, and more swedish doom/melo vibes with songs like Everything Invaded. Moonspell had a little bit for everyone with many styles within one set making it a great and pretty varied gothic night.

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