HEX A.D. and TEMPELHEKS live at Vaterland

Anmeldt av Karina Noctum




On the 22th of November we got the pleasure to listen to a great mix of proto metal sounds, stoner rock, psychedelia and bluesy grooviness,

Tempelheks delivered a pretty convincing performance. Their stage appearance and lively performance added a lot to the general 70's vibes. The proto metal riffs surface now and then and it is always enjoyable. The music gives just exactly the right vibes and it is not monotonous at all. Fans of Occult Rock should definitely give them a listen.

Hex A.D recently released their third full-length called Netherworld Triumphant, The band has pretty talented musicians. Their bassist has played with the famous heavy metal musician Paul Di' Anno. The live experience doesn't differ much from what you get to feel from the actual record. It is actually groovy, with cool blue vibes and great psychedelic ambience due to the organ that add a lot to the deep Doom/Stoner sound. This psychedelic Doom/Stoner gets pretty interesting when mixed with progressive riffs so it all ends up being pretty dynamic and fresh to the ear.

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