Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Grey Ghost Records, 2019)

Karakter: 5/6

CREATURE Hound cover.jpgFuck yes, this is just what I needed; a new EP by one of my favorite British thrash-infused hardcore/grind metal bands! I am of course referring to the Birmingham-based Creature and the utterly fierce (and appropriately titled) ”Hound” EP that was unleashed just a few weeks ago.

 The previous output by the band (“Hex”) blew me away thanks to it sharp and lethal riffs, its huge choruses, and the overwhelming sense of confidence and determination that coursed through it. It was one of those intense listening experiences that you simply cannot walk away from – it lingers at the back of your mind for weeks and months to come. The very same traits and characteristics can be applied to the four monstrously heavy cuts that constitute “Hound”, but whereas its predecessor had slightly more rawness and grit to it, this new offering is a more diverse affair in terms of song structures and arrangements. It also possesses a really wicked groove (as illustrated by the brilliant “Black Dog”) and this is unarguably an accomplished piece of work that displays depth and passion. There are crushing riffs aplenty here, but Creature add a bit of color to the proceedings by implementing some mellow part and sections here and there, and the muscular vocals follow suit by utilizing screams, howls of anger, murky whispers, and spoken words. Did I also mention that everything sounds organic and vibrant? Well, it does, believe you me! And what about the lyrics, did I point out that they are thought-provoking and captivating too?

 Despite its many interesting twists and turns, “Hound” instantly sucks you in and is quite the memorable and accessible offering, but the thing is that you can keep listening to it over and over again and discover subtle nuances every time you do so. It boasts superb musicianship and incredibly well-written tunes...and it is so goddamn savage that it will break every bone in your body!

In case you forgot, we did an interview with these guys earlier on that you can find here: https://eternal-terror.com/articles/index.php?id=2020&type=B


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