Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Independent, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Zeit Drangsal album cover.jpgThe German black/doom metal metal outfit named Zeit (i.e. “Time”) unleashed this six.track full-length assault of theirs not that long ago via their own channels, and I must say that this turned into a rather cool surprise. “Drangsal” is a competent piece of work and is as raw as it is murky, and there is a certain tone and vibe to the proceedings that I find quite interesting. The record is unpleasant and dark, but the majority of riffs and melodies are catchy and there is nothing complex or convoluted to this one at all. What appeals to me is the fact that these dudes are so goddamn depressing to listen to and that their unpolished mixture of black metal, doom metal, and sludge is so ridiculously effective and punishing at times. Despite this not being the most captivating or addictive album belonging to said genre that I have come across, there is a sense of determination coupled with a total lack of compromise coursing through it that works in its favor. Zeit have a way of churning out some loud and grimy tunes that will do a grand job of reminding you that you are basically a bottom feeder and nothing more than urban slime. The lyrics reek of spiritual decay and contempt, the growls ooze pain and disgust, and the songs themselves possess drive and energy even though they are awfully claustrophobic too.

“Drangsal” is not the most cohesive or solid album in existence regarding the actual quality of the songs as it does lose its momentum at times. Some of the parts are slightly bland too and those monotonous sections do not always attain the desired effect, so there is room for improvement. However, there is something so utterly convincing about their sound and attitude that I cannot but recommend the disc if you are on the lookout for a bleak and oppressive listening experience. The standout track is the memorable and rumbling “Schweigen”, so make sure you check that one out as it will give you a pretty good overview of what is in store for you.


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