Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Great Dane Records, 2019)

Karakter: 3.5/6

Aramgeddon Death Squad.jpgFrench quartet Armageddon Death Squad specialize in pummeling old-school death metal with a raw vibe and a vile feel to it. Well, actually, it is not all-out old-school as there are a number of slightly more modern and technical touches to what these fuckers do too, but the bottom line is that this foul opus is first and foremost rooted in old-school metal, okay?

Nods and winks to Obituary, Deicide, and to a lesser extent Decapitated do present themselves throughout, and in all honesty, there is absolutely nothing new or different for you to discover on “Necrosmose” or any of its thirteen cuts. Strictly speaking, you have heard this stuff multiple times before if you are death metal devotee, but that does not mean that it is without merits. Technically and in terms of their musical skills, these guys are pretty damn good. Some of the compositions have some interesting nuances to them and the record as a whole is a cohesive piece of work. The dark and twisted riffs coupled with vocalist Sylvain's murky vocals well and the entire rotten endeavor has a suitably morbid aura shimmering underneath its surface. Again, the lack of originality is an issue and I really do wish that the band possessed a sound and a musical identity of their own.

“Necrosmose” is for the most part an entertaining listen and quite catchy also, but arguably a tad too derivative to truly stand out among countless similar acts and releases both past and present. Old-school maniacs ought to give it a go though as the driven “Mask of the Dead Witch” boasts some wildly caustic riffs while the fast-paced “Skeleton Satellite” and the groovy “Requiem” rock hard. It will be interesting to what Armageddon Death Squad will come up with in the future.


Andre omtaler:

12.11.2019: CREATURE - Hound
11.11.2019: MARA - Rök
10.11.2019: FROSTMOON ECLIPSE - Worse Weather to Come
09.11.2019: MARTIN POPOFF - Sensitive to Light - The Rainbow Story
08.11.2019: STEVE LAMACQ - Going Deaf for a Living
07.11.2019: RIMFROST - Expedition: Darkness
06.11.2019: PISSED REGARDLESS - Imperial Cult
05.11.2019: KONKHRA - Alpha And The Omega
04.11.2019: Costin Chioreanu & Sofia Sarri - Afterlife Romance
31.10.2019: COFFIN ROT - A Monument To The Dead
30.10.2019: MORTIFERUM - Disgorged From Psychotic Depths
29.10.2019: IRON AGE - The Sleeping Eye
28.10.2019: BLUT AUS NORD - Hallucinogen
27.10.2019: ARX ATRATA - The Path Untravelled
27.10.2019: FALLEN FOREST - Demo II
26.10.2019: PATRICK HUMPHRIES - Rolling Stones 69
25.10.2019: JAN AKKERMAN - Close Beauty
24.10.2019: SINGULARITY - Place of Chains
23.10.2019: AKANDO - Attack from Ambush
22.10.2019: ZEIT - Drangsal