Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Fastball Music, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Fateful Finality Executor album cover.png“Executor” by the German thrash metal maniacs collectively known as Fateful Finality is a lethal cocktail filled with explosive ingredients. In terms of concept and lyrics, this record revolves around the seven deadly sins, and musically as well as stylistically speaking, these skilled dudes sound as if they are hugely influenced by thrash metal stalwarts such as Exodus and Testament yet other parts of the album bring to mind The Haunted, Reclusion, and perhaps even a touch of Forbidden.

Following the mellow and annoyingly short introductory piece entitled “Time Has Come”, the first proper album track “Fire” kicks things off for real and is a ferocious assault on the senses and offers energy and determination in spades. The rest of the songs more or less follow suit. There is a strong sense of confidence and drive to the proceedings here, which is beautifully exemplified by the bone-snapping “Wreckage of the Flush”. Having two vocalists with quite different ranges and approaches to singing/screaming adds variety to the affair and in general, everything is executed tightly. A couple of tracks fall by the wayside (more specifically “Expect Your Executor” and “Venomous”) and seem slightly mundane compared to the others who simply possess more atmosphere and grit. Two bonus cuts also make an appearance, namely Iron Maiden's “Moonchild” and Motorhead's “Overkill”, both of which are heaps of brutal fun.

Overall, “Executor” is an enjoyable and delightfully aggressive slab of sharp and relatively modern-sounding thrash metal. Even though it is hardly what one would term original or innovative, it definitely comes across as fresh and invigorating, which is pretty cool. Favorite tunes: “Rot” and the aforementioned “Wreckage of the Flush”.



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