Dress for War

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Fastball Music, 2019)

Karakter: 2.5/6

Wardress Dress for War album cover.jpgFollowing a rather ridiculous spoken-word introduction that sounded like a parody of sorts, the German outfit Wardress launches into their brand of old-school (and very traditional) heavy metal that leans toward such giants as Judas Priest, DIO, Iron Maiden (the Di'Anno era), Saxon, and Manowar. Thanks to a real solid production, their song material lacks neither bombast nor crunch. However, in terms of the riffs and melodies as well as the arrangements and vocals, everything sounds and feels to cliched and mediocre to stand out in any way.

These guys are obviously quite capable musicians, but their compositions lack depth and staying-power, and as such, “Dress for War” comes across as an unremarkable effort. Having said all of that, there are some good ideas on display here and there, and many of the guitar leads and solos are pretty cool, but the vocals in particular let the entire affair down and the record simply suffers from unimaginative songwriting and uninspired tunes. This 10-track offering is hardly essential then, but the track “Metal Melodies” is fun though and probably serves as the highlight of the album.


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