Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Independent, 2019)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Eridu Lugalbanda album cover.jpgThe German ensemble named Eridu is quite something and has an interesting approach to blackened death metal in the sense that they incorporate oriental melodies, ritualistic chants, and ambient elements into their aggressive and fierce musical universe. Drawing heavily on Mesopotamian mythology, “Lugalbanda” revolves around ancient stories and fables related to the aforementioned mythology, which is highlighted by the Middle Eastern-tinged riffs and melodies present on the disc as well as the mellow acoustic guitars that often serve as interludes between the extreme and hugely intense outbursts. One could draw parallels between Eridu and certain aspects of such renowned artists as Absu, Nile, Melechesh, and to some extent Behemoth, but such parallels would be somewhat superficial in the sense that these skilled Germans clearly have a sound and style of their own.

Powerful and bombastic yet unorthodox and inventive, “Lugalbanda” is certainly a creative offering and what sets it apart from many other extreme metal releases is that it manages to tell captivating stories of heroic deeds of old while simultaneously conjuring up vivid and terrifying visions of ancient gods and what awaits humanity after death. In that sense, it lends itself well to the imagination. In many ways, this ten-track disc is akin to a musical journey through the Mesopotamian underworld. There is also a sense of mysticism to the record and many of the compositions possess an alluring quality that makes the entire affair very intriguing.

This sharp and cleverly written album is not only well-produced and soaked in atmosphere, but also tightly executed. In terms of coherence and cohesiveness, a few tunes and pieces do not flow together all that seamlessly and some of the more brutal riffs are slightly derivative here and there, but all in all, “Lugalbanda” is a professional and disciplined release. I highly recommend the majestic “Astral Warfare” and the memorable title track should you wish to sample the disc.


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