Brand New Nails

Anmeldt av Eddie Rattlehead
(Loud Rage Music, 2018)

Karakter: 4/6

Decay_BrandNewNails.jpgDecay is a Romanian death/thrash ensemble with a strong metalcore vibe a'la early ZAO. Their music falls somewhere between latter Death and early Kreator while some of the bassy progression recalls early Machine Head for a good but not great mix.

The ensemble features Hunor "Goat" Csuvár (vocals), Róbert "Cölöp" Barabás (guitar), Tudor ''Franky" Francu (bass) and Zoltan Gergely (drums). They have been around since 1996, having gone on a 5 year hiatus (1999-2004), after which they recorded a demo "Vortex of Thoughts" (2004). For a band with a whopping 18 years of history they are almost dormant. I understand this is not always bands' fault but there are usually ways to be more active and many groups in their position or worse have managed to release albums independently. Taking under consideration the good but not great songwriting of "Brand New Nails" I doubt that the extreme scarcity of material is due to external circumstances. If I were to pick a favorite out of these 3 tracks it would have to be the moody closer "Concentrated Incarnation of Brutal Aggression" which sounds like demented Prong from "Cleansing" gone death metal.

With their 1st EP the Romanians did not make a believer out of me which some may find objectionable vis-a-vis the score but the songs are actually good. The biggest flaw is the horrible "dude thanks for loaning your garage" production, which, again, is not always bands' fault. They should put out more material so we can judge whether we should care some more. That is all.


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