Lost in Paradise

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Fastball Music, 2019)

Karakter: 4/6

Mirrorplan album cover.jpgGerman hard rockers Mirrorplain are about to release this sophomore effort of theirs via Fastball Music, and if you are into dramatic music boasting huge choruses that falls somewhere between alternative rock and metal with a modern sheen to it, this one will most likely serve you as a pretty decent soundtrack to your life for the next couple of months.

Most songs that make up this record have a solid drive to them and there is a strong sense of determination coursing through "Lost in Paradise". You can simply tell that the six-piece ensemble have matured as songwriters and gained more confidence since their previous album. If we overlook the positives for a minute (i.e. the skilled musicianship and the robust production), I personally would have liked even more guitar- and vocal hooks so as to make the song material linger in the back of one's head for a long time after having listened to it. To phrase that differently, the output lacks those truly memorable and catchy pieces that would have made the album take off and soar. A handful of spectacular compositions that would blow one's mind would have done wonders for it. Then again, there are no awful tunes present on the disc either and one could argue that it never really loses its momentum.

Despite it not being littered with spine-tingling excitement or meaty highlights, "Lost in Paradise" is an enjoyable and cohesive offering that merges alternative rock, heavy metal, and hard rock to good effect. This one is worth checking out, but let us hope and pray that its successor will be more climactic than this 2019 release.of theirs and contain some proper gut-punching bombast. Favorite cut? Let us go with "Speak to the Deaf", which reminds me of Paradise Lost around the time of their gloomy "Symbol of Life" and "Believe in Nothing" efforts for some reason.



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