Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Folter Records, 2017)

Karakter: 4.5/6

Narbeleth Indomitvs album cover.jpgThe Cuban black metal force that is Narbeleth unleashed this intensely old-school 7-track record via Folter Record quite some time ago and in case you have yet to pick up on it, allow yours truly to remind you why this is a pretty damn solid offering that is worthy of your time.

One man black metal bands (or projects, if you will) are quite often crap and very few of them truly stand out, but despite its glaring lack of originality and the fact that it is firmly rooted in early Norwegian and Swedish black metal that you have probably heard a million times before, there is something strangely appealing and attractive about this 35-minute opus that speaks to me. It is as if the ferocious nature of early Gorgoroth, the overwhelming melancholy of Taake, and the vile aura of Beastcraft have been channeled into "Indomitvs", and the result is a satisfying one, folks. Again, there is not a shred of innovative thinking anywhere in sight here, but the album alternates flawlessly between being utterly grim and delightfully majestic, and the unholy affair lacks neither determination nor staying power. The melodies evoke a sense of longing and inherent loneliness and yet the fiery vocals spew forth hatred and disgust, which is to say that this vile and reckless thing taps into different themes and ideas without coming across as one-dimensional or downright simple and straightforward.

"Indomitvs" is a confident and nicely unsettling piece of work that kept me engaged and entertained throughout and it contains more than enough interesting ideas and splendid riffs to warrant repeated listens. If Urgehal and the aforementioned Taake appeal to you, then do yourself a favor and check this one out the next time you find yourself in a lousy and miserable mood. Favorite cuts: "The Lower Point of the Star" and "Via Profane Crafts".

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