Memorandum Occultus

Anmeldt av Jens Nepper
(Folter Records, 2017)

Karakter: 4/6

The Committee Memorandum Occultus.jpgHere is yet another relatively old release by Folter Records that showed up in the mail box lately – this time it is "Memorandum Occultus" by the international black metal outfit named The Committee. Let us run through this one quickly as it is not exactly newsworthy anymore as such, but then again, I do dig this atmospheric record, so a few words are in order, I think.

Superb and instantly memorable melodies, murky and hellish riffs that reek of darkness, and strong vocals with a confident and booming quality to them are the name of the game. "Memorandum Occultus" is aggressive and bombastic but with plenty of nuances and wicked details to it too. Even though the mood and feel of the album is somewhat claustrophobic and oppressive, the warm and analogue-sounding production acts as a cool contrast to that and is quite appealing, so there are some interesting dichotomies in play throughout the disc with respect to that. A number of death- and doom metal elements creep into the mix now and then, but this is first and foremost a worthwhile and well-composed black metal output that offers dynamics and heaps of melancholy. A couple of songs outstay their welcome by dragging on for too damn long, but the epic and furious "Treacherous Teachings – Weapons of Religion" (which is the standout track in case you were wondering) perfectly illustrates what this ensemble is capable of conjuring up and serves as a great teaser should you be interested in sampling "Memorandum Occultus".


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